Roll rontainer rental

Roll rontainer rental

Temporarily need a roll container? Rent a roll container at Kruizinga!

Kruizinga tries to use raw materials and products as sustainably as possible. Roll containers can be a major cost item and are indispensable in the distribution of goods. Rolling carts are a frequently used product for stocking supermarkets, retailers, warehouses. But also for seasonal organizations, postal companies or when moving house.


By renting a trolley for a certain period of time you avoid large purchase costs for trolleys that are only needed temporarily . Therefore rent a suitable roll container at Kruizinga! This saves you space and major investments as a company.


View the range or read below for more information.


In what situations should you rent a roll container?

Do you have a Need a trolley during the holidays, but not for a long time afterwards? Then a roll container is the perfect solution! By renting roll cages you save space and avoid the major costs you incur when buying a roll container.


Advantages of renting a roll container

Renting a roll container offers various advantages. For example:


  • - Quickly available
  • - Competitively priced
  • - Spacious 60 years of experience
  • - Extensive choice
  • - Perfectly maintained
  • - Choose the period yourself


Which roll container can you rent?

At Kruizinga we have a wide range of various roll containers. But which roll containers can you rent from us? Below you will find a summary with the choice you can make for renting a roll container:


- 2- witch

- 3-witch

- 4-witch

- Anti-theft roll containers

- Furniture transport trolleys

- Laundry roll containers


Why rent a roll container from Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga, sustainability plays an important role and we try to use raw materials and products as sustainably as possible. Purchasing a roll container can be a major investment. We distinguish ourselves from other competitors because it is possible to rent the trolleys for a certain period.


Which products can I also rent?

Looking for a related product that you can also rent and that is very handy in combination with roll containers? At Kruizinga it is also possible to rent a pump truck or stacking containers plastic. Curious about all the products that you can rent from us? Check out our rental page.