Storage bin steel

Storage bin steel -

Storage bins made of steel, metal, galvanized and more!

At Kruizinga we have an enormously extensive range of steel storage bins with various surface treatments. Think of: electrolytically galvanized, painted, hot-dip galvanized and more. If you want to have your warehouse or garage tidy and organized, these metal storage bins offer the solution. The storage bins are available both new and used!

Smart choices

What are metal storage bins suitable for?

Metal storage bins are an ideal storage system for small and larger production parts as they are highly resilient and shock and impact resistant. Thanks to their robustness, the storage containers can also be used directly at the machine as a collection container for metal parts that may still be hot.

There are open-fronted storage bins that are suitable for smaller products such as screws, but also for large goods and quantities. We offer open fronted storage bins with capacities up to 90 litres.


Advantages of metal storage bins

Kruizinga storage bins have welded corners and are therefore particularly durable.

Our open front storage bins are easy to see, even when stacked on top of each other, thanks to the front opening.

In addition to these popular storage bins, Kruizinga also offers small steel bins with 4 sides of equal height, which are fitted with drop handles on the narrow sides.


How do I choose my steel storage bin?

To choose the right steel stacking box, also known as a steel stacking crate, you need to assess your storage needs before purchasing. If you plan to store your bins on a workbench or work surface, you should choose a small size. If your storage bins need to be stored on a shelf, choose a size that fits your furniture.

To easily transport your steel storage bin, choose a model with a handle. This way you can easily handle the container. Some metal storage bins have a label slot. This will help you organize your storage space and quickly identify the goods stored in each walk-out closet.


Buy storage bin steel? Kruizinga helps you!

Would you like to purchase a steel storage bin, but are you not quite sure which one suits you and your work or product best? Please contact one of our specialists. By purchasing a metal storage bin from Kruizinga, you are guaranteed the right price/quality ratio.