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Kruizinga provides you of the necessary hygiene and sanitary products

At Kruizinga we want to provide all the solutions that companies and warehouses need to perform their daily tasks, and that includes sanitary products. Sanitary products are not only used in domestic bathrooms, but these items also play an important role in businesses. In companies, on the other hand, the needs are much greater. This means that the solutions must be adapted. In this category you will find products such as the toilet paper dispenser, the soap dispenser for the wall or the towel dispenser. 


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In which environments are sanitary tools found?

When you think of sanitary, you think products for the bathroom or toilets, but an environment such as the kitchen can also contain various cleaning tools. It is therefore plausible to say that these sanitary goods occur in every industry. When you enter the toilets of the hospital or even the toilets of a cinema, you will see a soap dispenser while washing your hands. This is a kind of casing for the soap bottle, which makes the toilet look more luxurious and of course so that people do not take this soap bottle with them.


Which sanitary products does Kruizinga sell?

At Kruizinga we sell many different types of sanitary products. Think of disinfection wipes, soap dispensers, hand disinfection poles, toilet paper dispensers and much more. Below we will briefly describe some of the products we sell.


Soap dispenser

A soap dispenser, also known as a plastic unit, with soap, can be placed when entering your organization or near the toilets. This offers employees or visitors the opportunity to keep their hands clean without soap and water.


Antibacterial wipes

Antibacterial wipes are cleaning wipes that can keep your skin and environment clean. As a result, bacteria are less likely to spread on these surfaces, which ensures that hygiene remains good. 


Hand disinfection pole

A hand disinfection pole is a pole that can be used in public places, for example such as schools, businesses and shopping centers.


Toilet paper dispenser

A toilet paper dispenser is a kind of dispenser for toilet paper. It is possible to place toilet rolls in this product. You create a neat appearance and release of the toilet paper. At Kruizinga we sell both open and closed toilet paper dispensers. In addition, the shape can vary from round to rectangular.


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Do you have a sanitary product in mind, but would you like more information about that specific product? No problem! It's easy to contact one of our specialists. By purchasing sanitary products from Kruizinga you are assured of the best price/quality ratio.


Can I buy used hygiene and sanitary products at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga you can buy second-hand hygiene and sanitary products. You will find this when you filter on the left side of the site under article classification on “used”. We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about this on our used page.