Aluminum crates and transport boxes - Aluminium Boxes

Practical aluminum transport crates and boxes for intralogistics.

Easy-care, practical crates, boxes and trolleys for internal transport of smaller goods. Our aluminum transport crates are stable, light and easily stackable. In addition to the classic aluminum crates with handles, you will also find crates with wheels that can be filled from the top, cabinet trolleys with doors on the long sides, aluminum crates with lids, tool boxes with compartments and quick closures and aluminum paper collectors in various sizes.

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Different versions of aluminum crates

There are different versions of aluminum crates available, depending on the specific applications. Below you can see the types that Kruizinga has in its assortment:


Instrument cases

Instrument cases are cases which are solid and lockable for safe transport and shockproof storage of your sensitive equipment. These include electronics, precious metals, sports equipment, telecommunications equipment, valuable HiFi components, laptops and musical instruments. The cases can be closed with closures with integrated cylinder locks. In addition, you can place Pyramid foam in the case for optimal protection of your equipment.

Case trolleys

Cabinet carts are mobile carts that look like cabinets and have wheels. Closet carts are ideal for use in warehouses, archives, offices and other environments. For safe internal transport of files, for example.

Paper collector

Paper trolleys are available in various sizes and designs and guarantee the safe and optimal collection and disposal of sensitive data or documents. Because they can be locked, your documents are safe. In addition, you can easily move them by means of the wheels under the carts.


Transport bins

Transport bins are aluminum containers used to store or move goods. They are made of strong material and have a long service life. The boxes are very stable, dimensionally stable, odorless and hygienic.

Aluminium transport boxes

At Kruizinga you will find new and used transport boxes, ideal for transport and logistics solutions. The aluminium boxes are robust and have a long service life. In addition, they are very stable, dimensionally stable, odorless and hygienic. The transport boxes are available in different versions. Think of:


- With lid
- With double quick release closure
- With handles

These aluminum storage crates are available as stackable and non-stackable versions. There are also various accessories available such as: lids, dividers, insert trays, cylinder lock for tension lock.


Transport trolleys

The transport trolleys are available in different versions such as: 1 flap on 1 long side, 2 swivel and 2 fixed casters, 4 swivel casters 2 swivel casters with brake, Closed version, With 4 profiled walls, Sliding closure, Stackable, Transport trolley with smooth surface. Transport trolleys can be used in various environments such as warehouses, production lines, distribution centers and other locations where the transportation of goods is necessary.


Aluminum crates with lids

Aluminum shipping crates are ideal for transporting small goods and objects. Moreover, aluminum transport crates are extremely durable and have a low weight, which is very convenient when you need to load and unload a lot. The lid and easy closure keep the contents in place. Aluminum storage crates have several advantages. These include:

- High quality standards
- Lightweight and strong
- Suitable for hygienic storage of products
- Special corrosion resistance

Used aluminum boxes

Used aluminum storage boxes, a robust, high-quality construction with remarkably low weight and unique appearance. The extreme longevity makes the reuse of such boxes very sensible. Therefore, Kruizinga always offers used items.


Buying aluminum boxes? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you want to buy transport boxes but are not quite sure which one suits you and your needs best? No problem! Our specialists are ready to help you buy the right alu crate. Just contact them easily. Buying an aluminum box at Kruizinga ensures you get the right price/quality ratio.


What are aluminium boxes?

Aluminium boxes are containers which are made of aluminium. They are often used for storage and transport of goods, especially for professional and industrial purposes. They are sturdy, durable and resistant to weathering and corrosion. They are also often waterproof and equipped with locks for added security. In addition, transport boxes are often lightweight, making them easy to transport.

What can you use aluminum boxes for?

There are a variety of applications. These include: storing products or transporting products. The crates are weather resistant so they are also suitable for outdoor activities. In addition, they are often used in industry for transport or storage of goods.

Does Kruizinga offer other useful transport and storage products?

At Kruizinga we have many other products in our range. For example: warehouse trolleys, rolling containers, stacking bins steel, stacking bins plastic, furniture dog or under trolleys.