Trolleys with carrier spars

Trolleys with carrier spars -

Choose Kruizinga for the transport of long materials!

A cantilever truck, also known as a long material truck, mentioned is an excellent product to use in your workshop, garage, distribution hall, production line or simply in your warehouse. Support arm carts consist of tubular profile steel, have 4 wheels so that you can easily move the cart and have “support arms” which are adjustable in height. They are available with single-sided support arms or double-sided wire arms.

Standard trolleys are also useful for transporting long materials or for drying materials.


All Fetra wagons are very handy, manoeuvrable and have a high loading capacity. The trolleys also have a robust powder coating construction. This makes the cantilever trolley a very durable and high-quality product.


Would you like to know more about cantilever trolleys? See below for more information.


Allow long material to dry with cantilever trolleys

Cantilever trolleys are, in addition to being used for transporting long material, also useful as a drying trolley in, for example, warehouses where many products are painted, lacquered or glued and have to dry. Materials can dry separately in cantilever trolleys and do not contaminate each other. This way no time is wasted because you don't have to wait for a product to dry before you start with the next one. 


Many options & accessories available

There are several options when it comes to decorating a cantilever. First you have to make a choice which cantilever trolley you want. Is that a single-sided cantilever or a double-sided cantilever. Then you need to know what you want to use the cantilever trolley for. Are all these points clear to you? You can then see which accessories you need. For example, you can add a push handle to your cantilever trolley. It is also possible to purchase extra support arms or to order shelves for the support arms. This makes it easier to transport other products than only long material with a cantilever trolley.


Buy a cantilever trolley? Kruizinga is ready for you!

Would you like to order a cantilever trolley? At Kruizinga we have various versions of cantilever trolleys such as single or double sided. Not sure which one suits you best? No problem! Our specialists will gladly assist you. You can easily contact through our contact page. At Kruizinga you are always assured of the best price/quality ratio.


What is a cantilever trolley?

Support trolleys, also known as long material trolleys, is a trolley that allows you to transport and store long materials in other places.

How do you move long material?

With you can easily move long material with a cantilever trolley. You can think of, for example, tubes or long plates. Because cantilever trolleys have wheels, the trolley is manoeuvrable and can be moved easily. Want to make it even easier? Then order a extra push handle.

Can you let your long material dry on a support arm trolley?

A cantilever trolley, for example, helps painters to dry several products at the same time. This is useful because you don't have to wait for a product to dry.

Does Kruizinga have other products that are useful in a warehouse?

At Kruizinga you can find different products which are also very useful in a warehouse. For example: think of cc wagon, order picking trolley, file trolley, support arm trolley