Container for long goods

Container for long goods -

Transport long material easily with long material containers.

A company or business that deals a lot with logistics processes of long and heavy goods often uses a long material container, also called a long material pallet, long material bin or long material truck. A long material container is a storage system for long material. Ideal when you need to transport materials such as pipes, flagpoles, carpets, shelves and solid.

At Kruizinga, we sell new, used and custom long equipment containers. In addition, renting is also an option. View our selection or read below for more information.


Smart choices



Various types of long equipment container

At Kruizinga, we sell different types of long equipment containers. These have different types of features. Below the 2 different types explained.


Long equipment container

At Kruizinga, we sell many different types of steel long-material containers. For example, we sell steel long material container with walls that are removable, stackable and hoistable in different sizes.

Longshoremen's trolley and rolling platforms

We also sell many different types of steel long material carts and rolling platforms. Easy movement of long materials because these products are equipped with wheels. These carts also have a large load capacity.


Benefits of a long cargo container

Longware containers allow you to store materials easily and efficiently, without damaging them. In addition, it is also easy to find the material again easily since it is stored in one container.


Applications of long material containers

When you want to transport long materials, a long material container is ideally suited for transporting materials. Ideal because the material remains safe and protected when you use these containers when transporting long material.

Dimensions long components container

A long material container can have different dimensions. Obviously, a long material container is not small, because otherwise you will not be able to fit the long material in it. Nevertheless, there is a distinction to be made between different sizes.


At Kruizinga, a standard and most commonly used long material container has a length of 5030 mm, a width of 795 mm and a height of 740 mm. Using a forklift, you can nest or stack this type of long material container together, saving you a lot of space. You can also stack this type of long material container on top of each other, creating a kind of rack for storing long goods. This smart choice' is also available in 6030 mm length and 4030 mm length.

We also have smaller sizes than the most commonly deployed long material container. Smaller sizes often have a length in between 2000 mm and 4000 mm. For example, at we sell a long material container with a length of 2100 mm where the walls are removable.

Besides the different long material containers we sell, Kruizinga also sells trailers and wagons for long material. This type of trailer, also called a long-material truck, has a turntable steering and the trailer rolls on four solid rubber tires.


Choice of long material containers

Kruizinga offers a variety of containers in different sizes and materials. Thus, there is always a solution that fits your needs. In addition, when buying a long material container, it is important to consider the dimensions of the material and how much you want to store.

Buying long material containers

Long material containers offer an efficient and safe way to transport or store long material. When you buy a long material container from Kruizinga, you are assured of high-quality products and excellent service. Choose a long material container today and protect your material during transport and storage.


What is a long material container?

A long material container is a storage device for long material. The product has been a staple in logistics environments such as warehouses and distribution centers for many years. Long material containers can vary in load capacity, material type, height or application.

Where do I come across long material containers?

Long material containers are commonly used in environments where steel pipes and tubes are prevalent. Think construction sites, warehouses or in wholesalers. A long-material container is placed horizontally in an environment. Employees can easily place the long material in it via the open top and sides.

Does Kruizinga also sell used long material containers.

At Kruizinga we sell several used long material containers. These differ by versions. The used assortment is updated daily, so it may be that a certain used version is available one day and not the next. Want to know more about our used assortment? Check out our used page.