Full Security

Full Security

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Do you want to be able to transport your goods safely or do you want a roll container that you can close completely? Then choose an anti-theft roll container, also known as a lockable roll container. These trolleys can be closed completely by means of a padlock so that everything remains in place during transport. That is why it is extremely suitable for transporting valuable goods, among other things. Due to the dense meshes, the loss of objects is prevented. The safest way to transport valuable goods.


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Situations where an anti-theft roll container can be used

An anti-theft roll container is designed for transporting valuable goods because these trolleys are fully lockable. These anti-theft trolleys are widely used in, for example, clothing stores, electronics stores, airports and all kinds of warehouses where grip-sensitive products are processed. This makes it more difficult to steal things of great value, for example.


Which type of anti-theft roll containers does Kruizinga have?

At Kruizinga we have different types of anti-theft roll containers for sale, including new, used or custom variants. In addition, the anti-theft roll containers are available with a bottom of steel, wood or plastic. In addition, the trolleys are supplied with rubber or nylon wheels. Are you not using the roll container for a while, do you want to save space? Then choose an A-frame nestable variant which is very space-saving if you do not use the roll container for a while. Do you want a custom-made anti-theft roll container? That is possible at Kruizinga. It is best to contact our specialists for this, they can help you further and advise you on the best solution and which solutions we can offer you.


Handy accessories

Did you know that you can also easily combine an anti-theft roll container with accessories or other products to make optimal use of your anti-theft roll container? For example, you can opt for an extra floor, a writing board, drawbar and coupling pin, plastic stacking bins and handles.


Buy anti-theft at Kruizinga

At Kruizinga we have different versions of anti-theft roll containers with the best price/quality ratio. You can easily order these from us by clicking on the desired roll container in our assortment page and then clicking on order! Would you like help making a choice? Then contact us contact!


Which types of products are often transported with anti-theft roll containers?

This includes valuable products, such as telephones, tablets, other electronic products, expensive clothing or perfumes. Basically anything of any value can be transported in an anti-theft roll container. This is often combined with plastic stacking containers that are placed in the roll container. This way you cannot see what is being transported.

What is the load capacity of an anti-theft roll container?

The load capacity of an anti-theft roll container varies between 150 kg and 800 kilograms.
The 150 kg anti-theft roll container variant is perfect for storing footballs for gym classes, for example.