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Warning signs and stickers cheap at Kruizinga

Warning signs and stickers can alert employees or visitors to watch out for something. In this way you ensure their safety by reducing the risk of injury or damage. Warning signs and stickers can be found in almost every environment. For example, you can think of a construction environment where there are many sounds, so that you want to draw people's attention to wearing hearing protection. Or to a warehouse where forklift traffic is not allowed in certain places. Other environments are: schools, hospitals, warehouses, wholesalers, shops or on the street.


Kruizinga also sells identification labels. With these stickers you can easily indicate stock locations on racks or warehouse bins. This allows staff to quickly find products.

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The different types

Warning signs and stickers come in all shapes and sizes. While one product provides order, the other product provides a safer environment. To give you a look at Kruizinga's range, we will explain a number of products below.


Warning sign

A warning sign is, as the name implies, a sign that ensures that employees or visitors are warned about a certain activity. At Kruizinga we sell different types of these.


- Make use of a slip hazard warning sign, also called a slip hazard sign, when a cleaning lady has mopped, for example. This way the people in the area know that the floor is wet and they have to be careful not to slip.


- A warning sign ‘beware’, or a danger sign can be used for different purposes. Think for example of forklift traffic that can drive by or someone who is repairing something around the corner.


- A warning sign with an electricity sign ensures that people are alerted to the possibility of an electrical hazard.


The logo that appears on a warning sign is widely known. Other danger signs you can think of are: no smoking, no entry, hearing protection mandatory, eye protection mandatory, etc.


Floor stickers

In addition to warning signs that contain signs such as stop, emergency exit direction arrow, hearing protection mandatory or eye protection mandatory, this can also be written on floor stickers. A floor marking is a sticker that you can stick on the floor. The difference between a warning sign and a warning sticker is that a warning sign is often temporary, while a warning sticker is often used as a permanent one.


For example, you can think of floor marking with a directional arrow that you can find in Ikea or other stores. Or think of a floor sticker with an arrow pointing towards the emergency exit that you find in catering establishments. At Kruizinga we therefore sell various types of floor stickers for different applications. In addition to a directional arrow or an emergency exit logo, we also sell floor stickers with logos of ‘stop’, ‘prohibited for access’, ‘hearing protection mandatory’, 'eye protection mandatory’ and ‘forbidden for forklifts’.


Identification labels

Identification labels, also known as location stickers, are widely used in environments where storage and supply play an important role. For example, you can easily create an overview by using location stickers on order picking locations in warehouses with these location stickers. 


You can also use identification labels in another way, namely by easily dividing your storage bin or stacking bin. The advantage of this is that you can quickly find the right products or parts.


Buy warning signs and stickers? Kruizinga helps you!

By purchasing warning signs and stickers at Kruizinga, you know that you are purchasing from experts. Firstly, we have been a supplier of storage and transport equipment for more than 60 years, and it is also a great advantage that we also use safety and marking products when storing our goods. This way we know exactly what works for your business environment. Need help? Please contact us.


Can I buy used warning signs and stickers from Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga it is currently not possible to buy used warning signs and stickers. If we do have these in our used range, you will find them when you filter on the left side of the site under article classification on “used”. We also sell all kinds of other second-hand products. You can read more about this on our used page.