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Various types of drip trays for sale at Kruizinga

Drip trays are essential for catching and disposing of leaks and liquids. This is because storing hazardous materials involves risks, and a drip pan is one of the basic provisions. Kruizinga offers a wide range of drip trays, from plastic drip trays to drip trays with grids. Our drip trays offer the advantages of strength, durability and easy cleaning. The grate versions are also suitable for catching smaller parts and therefore also have a practical application.

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The various types

Kruizinga has a diverse range of drip trays, such as:


Plastic drip trays

Plastic drip trays are storage bins made of plastic. These are used to contain liquids and other substances that may leak. They are popular because of their durability, easy cleaning and availability in various sizes and shapes.

Steel drip trays

Steel drip trays are also corrosion-resistant and resistant to chemicals, making them suitable for use in harsh and challenging environments. However, they are heavier than plastic drip trays and can be more difficult to work with.

Drip tray accessories

There are several types of drip tray accessories. These include:


1. Drum tilter for easily tilting drums or jerry cans.
2. Rotating support, with this you can easily tilt a drum on a rack and then put it back in the same place.

Drip tray rack

Our drip tray rack is made for example for storage and draining of horizontal barrels or jerry cans with underneath a drip tray in which the liquids can be stored.

Mobile drip tray

Mobile drip tray is a, the name says it all, drip tray on wheels. You can easily transport products containing hazardous substances that may leak.

Hazardous materials depot

In this group you will find all kinds of safety cabinets or depots for storing or transporting hazardous materials. You can also store IBC containers or drums in various depots or safety cabinets.

Transport container

The shipping container is a container specially designed for moving flammable liquids, for example.

In addition, you can also find absorption material in our range of drip trays. This protects the environment and your staff from spills or chemical liquids. You can read more about this in our absorption material selection guide page.


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What is a drip pan?

A drip pan is a catch basin for spills or leaking liquid, such as oil, gasoline or water. It is used to catch liquids and protect them from contaminating the environment or damaging a surface.

Where do I come across drip trays?

Drip trays are applicable in many industries, including chemical, construction and manufacturing.

Does Kruizinga have other products that are useful in a warehouse?

Besides drip trays, Kruizinga has a wide range of products which can help you in a warehouse. For example: warehouse trolleys, rolling containers, collars, racks, stacking racks, etc.