Pallet stacking frames

Pallet stacking frames -

Protect your products with a pallet edge!

At Kruizinga you will find an extensive range of pallet edges. These include: steel collars, wooden collars and pallet collars in various euro sizes and heights. It is also possible to buy accessories that come in handy with a pallet edge. Pallet collars often have standard dimensions so they fit various pallets.

Besides new pallet edges, Kruizinga also has used pallet edges in its range. It is also possible to rent pallet collars. Do you want a pallet edge with specific dimensions? Then consider a custom-made pallet edge.

Would you like to know more about pallet edges? Then read on below.


Smart choices

Different types

Pallet edges are available in various types of materials, sizes and designs.

At Kruizinga, we have wooden, plastic or steel pallet collars new & used. It is also possible to order a custom-made pallet edge. The pallet edges can be used with various sizes of pallets. Think of:

- 800 x 1200 mm pallet
- 1000 x 1200 mm pallet
- 600 x 800 mm pallet


The various advantages

A pallet edge has various advantages. For example:

- By mounting a pallet border on a pallet, you turn your pallet into a crate. This protects your goods.

- Because a pallet edge is stackable, you can decide how high to place the edges.

- Wooden and metal pallet edges are foldable thanks to the hinges on the edge. This saves space when storing or transporting.

- In addition, pallet edges also help to transport goods safely.


Accessories for pallet edges

Kruizinga has various accessories in its range that are useful in combination with a pallet edge. These include:

- Corner attachments, which, when placed on the corners of a pallet edge, allow you to stack another europallet on top.
- Floor plate, which you can place on the pallet to allow you to transport small material when placing a top rim on a pallet.
- Divider, which, as the name suggests, allows you to divide pallets in combination with pallet collars, allowing you to transport different goods.
- Lid, for our steel pallet edges we offer a lid as an accessory. This allows you to close off the pallet edge completely.

You can also order various card holders with it, so you can easily see what is being transported. And you can easily transport pallets with pallet edges with a pallet carrier.


Buying pallet edges? Kruizinga helps you!

Buying plastic pallet edges, wooden pallet edges or steel pallet edges, but not sure which type of pallet edge suits you and your operations best? Then contact our specialists. We will then work with you to find out what suits you best. When you choose to buy a pallet edging from Kruizinga, you are assured of the right price/quality ratio.


What is a pallet border?

A pallet edge is an edge that allows you to easily turn a pallet into a crate. This allows you to safely transport loose goods or products and prevent them from falling off the pallet.

How to use a pallet edge?

To use a pallet edge you first need a pallet. For example, a standard Euro pallet. First place part of the load you want to transport on it. Then place the first pallet edge 120 x 80. It is then possible to place several pallet edges on top of each other.

Does Kruizinga also have used pallet collars?

Besides new pallet collars, Kruizinga also has used collars in its range that can still be used for a second round. Would you like to know the advantages of second-hand articles? Take a look at our used page.

Does Kruizinga also have other useful products for the warehouse?

Besides pallet edges, Kruizinga also has other products in its range that are useful in the warehouse. For example: pallet, pallet trolley, stacking bin plastic, stacking bin steel, racking, gitterbox, storage bin plastic etc.