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At Kruizinga, we have a large selection in barrels, wide neck drums, jerry cans, steel and plastic drums. These products contribute to the storage of liquids or other foodstuffs. For example, you can think of storing water in water barrels and storing fuel in fuel jerry cans. This is due to the fact that the barrels, jerry cans and drums are made in many different types of materials. These storage products are mostly found in environments such as campsites, wholesalers, food industries and hospitals.

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More about barrels, jerry cans and drums from Kruizinga

The purpose of a barrel, jerry can or drum is to store liquids and/or other resources. Each storage product is unique. Thus, storage products can consist of various materials and shapes. The shape and material a barrel, jerry can or drum is made of is often linked to the purpose of the product. Environments where drums, barrels and jerry cans are common include: wholesalers, hospitals, food and packaging industries. Below we will discuss the different product categories:


Various drums and barrels available at Kruizinga

Barrels and drums are products that are used for storing and transporting liquids. However, drums and barrels can also be used for storing and transporting substances other than liquids. For example, have you ever considered that pet food or dry goods can also be stored in barrels and drums? Plastic barrels are good for this purpose. These are available in different sizes at For example, we sell 10 liter plastic barrels, 20 liter barrels and barrels of more than 60 liters. The larger barrels have handles, making it easy to move a barrel. Furthermore, you can choose from different colors such as white, blue or black.

Furthermore, it is also possible to store (dangerous) solids and liquids in large barrels made of steel or plastic. You can use a steel drum well for dangerous solids or liquids. Think, for example, of paint. This is due to the fact that the product has a UN quality mark.


Which jerry cans can you find in Kruizinga's product range?

A jerry can is a storage and transport device generally used for liquids. These can be liquids such as water, but also dangerous liquids may be stored in certified jerry cans. There are also gasoline jerry cans, for example, which can be used to store other fuels in addition to gasoline. At Kruizinga you will find 5 liter jerrycans, 10 liter and 20 liter jerrycans, among others.


The canisters are made of plastic and are available in different colors, with white being the best known. When purchasing the jerry can, it is important to consider what you want to use the jerry can for. This is because a jerry can can be tested in certain areas and given a specific seal of approval for that purpose. For example, consider a UN-approved jerry can that is suitable for fuel. Need help choosing the right jerry can? Then check out our decision aid.


Buying a barrel, jerry can or barrel? Kruizinga helps you!

Kruizinga has a wide range of drums, jerry cans and barrels. This allows you to purchase the products in large quantities, for example, as an enterprise. Kruizinga has over 60 years of experience in storage and transport equipment, so we can guarantee that we deliver quality products. Need more help choosing a suitable drum? Then contact one of our specialists quickly.


Can I buy used drums at Kruizinga?

At Kruizinga you can buy used drums. You can find these when you filter by item classification on the left side of the site by "used". We also sell all kinds of other used products. You can read more about them on our used page.

What is a UN-approved drum?

If you want to transport dangerous goods in your drums, you should choose a UN approved drum or jerry can. The UN mark indicates that packaging matches a prototype that complies with regulations.