Upholstery element cart

Upholstery element cart

Transport couches? Then purchase a couch trolley!

A couch trolley is also a roll container type. It offers the perfect solution to transport furniture, especially sofas. You will therefore often see this product in environments such as furniture stores, transport or moving companies. Sofa trolleys are nestable and therefore space-saving.


In addition to it is possible to buy new couch trolleys from Kruizinga, it is also possible to purchase used couch trolleys. This is how you give a couch trolley a second life. And is the exact size not included? No worries, our specialists can work with you to create the perfect furniture trolley.


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In which situations are bench vans used?

Sofa vans are used, for example, for transporting and transporting sofas, but they are also used for upholstering sofas.


Which types of sofa trolleys does Kruizinga have?

Couch trolleys are available in various sizes and contain rubber or nylon wheels. By means of the extendable arms you can make the sofa trolley larger to create the desired size to transport your sofa. Kruizinga also has used variants in stock.


Are there specific industries/sectors where a couch trolley is used?

You see a couch trolley often in environments such as furniture stores, upholstery companies and transport or moving companies.


In combination with

Couch trolleys can also be combined well with other Products. You can think of moving blankets, lashing straps or pump trucks.


Do you want to buy a couch trolley, but are you not sure which choice to make? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form, our specialists are ready to answer all your questions.


Which types of products are often transported with a couch trolley?

The name says it all, sofas are transported with a couch trolley.
Because a couch trolley has extendable arms, it can easily be adjusted to the size of the sofa.

What is the load capacity of a couch trolley?

Carry capacity of a couch trolley couch cart can differ per cart. The couch trolleys that we have on our site have a maximum load capacity of 300 kg.

What is a couch trolley used for?

A couch trolley is often used for transporting couches . But they are also used to reupholster sofas, for example.