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A mobile loading ramp, also known as a mobile loading ramp, truck loading ramp or mobile loading ramp, is a ramp specially designed for loading and unloading containers and trucks with a forklift truck. The hydraulic hand pump allows the highest part of the ramp to be adjusted in height. The adjustable height differs per type of loading ramp, as explained at the bottom of this page. At Kruizinga you have the choice of new, used, rental or customized loading ramps.

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Benefits of a loading ramp

Mobile loading ramps have a number of different advantages. These include:

- A loading ramp can be used in multiple locations, even when they are relatively far apart.
- Only one person is needed, to independently load or unload containers with a forklift. This is a huge savings in - labor costs because other methods require multiple people.
- You can load/unload up to 3x faster than via a fixed loading dock with a hand pallet truck.
- In case of heavy drums, crates or pallets, you work with a container loading bridge and improve working conditions when loading/unloading.
- Our loading ramps have a driving surface which consists of a non-slip driving surface, this allows you to work safely even under slippery and wet weather conditions.


Ramp adjustment in variable heights

As mentioned in intro text you can adjust a loading ramp in variable heights. This differs per type of dock leveller. For example, type2963 can be adjusted from 800 to 1650 mm and type 3207 from 980 to 1700 mm. With customization, you can choose the minimum and maximum heights of a loading ramp.


Made to measure

At Kruizinga, it is possible to purchase custom-made loading ramps. Various options are available. Think of extra long or wide/heavy loading ramp, handrails or extra pair of wheels. For more information about the possibilities of a customized mobile loading ramp or mobile loading ramp, please contact our advisors.


Buying a loading ramp? Kruizinga helps you!

Do you want to buy a loading ramp, but you are not quite sure which loading ramp is most suitable for you? Then contact our specialists, they will be happy to help you make the choice to buy a loading ramp. When you choose to buy a loading ramp from Kruizinga, you are guaranteed a sustainable investment with a long life span. Also, our loading ramps are well maintained, fast delivery (If in stock) and have a good price/quality ratio.


What is a loading ramp?

A loading ramp is a movable platform specially designed to load trucks or containers quickly and safely. A loading ramp is an approximately 12-meter long, inclined ramp.

What is a loading ramp best suited for?

A loading ramp is specifically designed to load and unload trucks and containers safely and quickly with a forklift. Because mobile loading ramps contain wheels, you can easily move the loading ramp from one place to another. This allows you to load and unload your trucks anywhere.

Does Kruizinga also have used loading ramps?

Besides the fact that Kruizinga has new loading ramps and customized loading ramps in its range, it is also possible to purchase a used loading ramp provided they are in stock. You can see this in the menu on the left under item classification. If it says used, we have used loading ramps in stock. If they are out of stock, there is no used at item classification. Are you looking for other used products, please take a look at our used page.

Can you also rent a loading ramp?

At Kruizinga it is possible to rent a loading ramp. This is very convenient when you temporarily need extra loading capacity. However, there are some preconditions. Think of: minimum rental period is 30 days, Would you like to rent the loading bridge for a shorter period? That is also possible. Please note that in this case we do charge for 30 days. Are you curious what else is possible when it comes to rentals? Take a look at our general rental page.

Does Kruizinga have other useful products for moving goods?

Besides loading ramps, we also have other products in our range which can help you move goods. For example: warehouse trolleys, wheelbarrows, pallet trucks, rolling containers, hand trucks, etc.