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Easily transport drums with drum handling equipment

Do you often use drums or barrels? Then drum handling equipment is perfect for you! Discover now the tools that make handling them easier: drum lifter, drum clamp, drum holder and drum trucks. Handling a barrel or drum filled with a liquid product can be dangerous. It is essential that you equip yourself with solid and approved equipment.

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What is drum handling equipment used for?

Drum handling equipment is used for moving and transporting drums in industry. This type of equipment is often used in industries such as manufacturing, chemical processing and oil production. This equipment can be used to transport drums and barrels of different sizes and weights, such as drum lifters, drum trucks and drum breakers. This equipment is designed to make the transportation of drums within a company easier and safer, and help prevent accidents and injuries that can occur when lifting and handling heavy containers.


The different benefits

There are several benefits of drum handling equipment. These include:


1. Safety: The right drum handling equipment can reduce the risks of damage to drums.
2. Productivity: Drum handling equipment can make moving and transporting drums easier and more efficient.
3. Multifunctionality: Drum handling equipment are designed to move or transport different types of drums.
4. Durable: Barrel handling equipment is often made of durable materials, such as stainless steel. This makes them last longer and require less frequent replacement.


What types do we have?

At Kruizinga, we have several types in our range. The different types are highlighted below.


Drum stackers: Are machines used to stack, move and transport drums.

Drum rollers: Are specially designed rollers used for moving drums.

Drum tippers: Are machines used to move and tilt drums.

Drum clamps: Are specially designed clamps used for moving drums.

Drum pusher: Used to move and transport drums.

Drum pallet: Used to store and transport drums.

Drum transport truck: Used to transport barrels from A to B.


Buying drum equipment? Kruizinga helps you!

Looking for equipment to move or transport your drums? Then choose drum handling equipment. Do you have questions about a certain type you want to buy? Do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. They will be happy to help you further. At Kruizinga, you are always guaranteed a sustainable investment with the best price/quality ratio with a long service life.


What is drum handling equipment?

Drum handling equipment is a collective term for machines and tools used for transporting, loading, moving and unloading drums.

What is the delivery time of drum handling equipment?

Delivery time of a type of handling equipment varies by type and whether we have it in stock. If we have the product in stock, it is available in about 8 working days provided it is a holiday. In addition, you can see when your product will be delivered when you place the product in the shopping cart.

Does Kruizinga have other useful products for moving goods?

In addition to drum handling equipment, Kruizinga also has other products you can use to transport goods. For example: warehouse trolleys, rolling container, trolley, pallet truck. In addition, you can also take a look at our range of drums.